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Gruen Search has a system in place that allows for our clients to hire professionals on a freelance basis with the intent of converting them to permanent status. If you are looking to hire someone into a full-time position, but want the flexibility of starting them on an hourly basis, our system makes it easy to convert a freelance employee into a permanent employee at the right time.


Keep in mind, however, this type of placement scenario prevents you from seeing candidates who are currently employed with benefits. Not many candidates are open to leaving their full-time position with benefits for a freelance opportunity without benefits so you will mostly see unemployed candidates. This severely limits the volume and sometimes the caliber of people we can get in front of you. Still, this is an option that many of our clients select and we are capable of filling positions in this way. Give us a call so we can discuss your specific hiring situation and whether this would be a viable option.

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